After purging my old setup for the blog since it was empty and gross, I decide to start the fresh blog with an useful post. After 9 hours of testing and tweaking I finally removed chrubuntu from my c720 and installed crouton with xfce::ubuntu14.04 (Which is very important as ROS-indigo does not support 10.2 which is default with crouton)

The beauty of this setup however lies in the fact that I can run a suite of tools that are essential for my job on the team to produce software and firmware. This includes being able to build our system under Robotics Operating System(ROS) and arduino code for the firmware side.

It is midnight so ideally, in the next few days I can put up a few more posts regarding not only setting up ROS on chromeOS but also some jekyll tutorials since there were certain things that took me a while to learn. As I start writing more posts I will also be able to add some more setup screen shots once my c100 gets here for me to abuse.